What is Pranic Healing

Author: Shraddha Parekh, Published on : May 15, 2022

Science & machines have made possible artificial blood transfusion, oxygen support through ventilators, glucose supply through saline to save a life or relieve a suffering man. However, what most of us would have never thought of is the possibility of transferring energy from one person to another to relieve physical suffering, to regenerate organs or to even heal psychological ailments. Yet, the good news is that this is absolutely possible.

“Miracles are nothing but events based on laws of nature that common men are not aware of.”

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (Founder Of Modern Pranic Healing)

Pranic healing simply explained, involves transference of life force or vital energy from one person to another person, place, animal or plant. It requires neither touch nor any medicine. It is based on an ancient science known all around the world from times immemorial. The teacher, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, modernised, simplified and offered the teachings to humanity in a form that can be easily understood by one & all.

Let us take an example of a hunchbacked lady called kubja from Mahabharata. She was crooked from various parts of her body. Having heard of Lord Krishna’s powers, she hopes to be healed though him. One day as Krishna was passing amidst a massive crowd on the streets of Mathura, Kubja gets a chance to approach him. It is said that just by one touch of Lord Krishna, all of Kubja’s body parts straightened and she was healed. Now what really happened in the above case? To a lay man, it can very well be a miracle. Yet, to one who understands the laws of energy, it is nothing but ‘Transference of energy from a higher source to a lower source.’

The good new is that we all have experienced it already in our day to day lives & yet might have completely overlooked it. Think about the time you visited someone in a hospital or you took up a journey in a crowded local train in the peak hours or you had to visit a dingy locality, how do you feel after that? Refreshed & energetic or drained? It wouldn’t be hard to guess that such places leave u with exhaustion & a dull mood. This is because of transference of energy from you to these lower areas of energy.

On the other hand, after a visit to a temple or a meditation centre or a peaceful clean place like a mountain top or a lake front will leave u fresh energised and happier. Again, the reason being same, there is transference of energy from these higher sources of energy to you.

These are instances of indirect energy transfer. Through Pranic Healing we can do it in a systematic and safe way to heal the human body as well as that of animals. Meditation is also a very powerful medium of healing as it also helps in balancing and repairing our energy body.

We all possess a visible physical body and an invisible body called energy body, etheric body or aura. Just like physical body is comprised of organs, similarly our energy body is made up of chakras. Chakras are energy vortices that absorb energy from various natural sources of energy and expels the dirty diseased energy out of the body to keep it clean and healthy. This energy is then supplied to various organs of our visible physical body to do their functions. So it’s safe to say that if the physical organ is a car then the corresponding chakra is like its engine & the energy it comprises of, is the fuel that runs the car.

One of the best experiences while learning Pranic Healing is that every thing stated in the books and the courses is evaluated, practiced and verified within the workshop by a technique called Energy Scanning. Aura and chakras are scanned (measured) Before & After to validate the effect of all Practicals done on healing, meditation or any other techniques taught in the workshops.

Even Modern Science now supports these facts thanks to Kirlian photography, a technique invented by a Russian scientist to capture our aura or energy body using high-frequency electric field. Actual Kirlian pictures of experiments attached.